Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lamonts 2007 THE BUNYIP "ROSE"

The Bunyip is a creature that inhibits rushy swamps, billabongs and Lamont’s Bottling Hall.
Often portrayed in Aboriginal legends as an evil spirit, the Bunyip of Lamont’s Bottling Hall is friendly and pink! He helps the winemaker to pass time while undertaking the monotonous and sometimes dull job of bottling.

Fermentation: The wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks to retain the fresh fruit characters.

The 2007 Bunyip is a Swan Valley blend of predominantly Shiraz with a touch of Viognier to lift the fruity aromas and add a bit of depth to the wine.

Colour: Vibrant, delicate pink.
Bouquet: Lifted aromas of apple blossom, rose petals, cranberries and peaches.
Palate: The palate combines red berry flavours with a rich creamy texture. Sitting just off dry, the palate has a tight acid structure which give the wine a fresh and lengthy finish.
Quantity: 500

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