Saturday, October 6, 2007


For over 160 years Penfolds has been a producer of remarkable wines.
Through our obsession with quality and our commitment to producing fine wine, a tradition has evolved which has had a profound influence on the entire Australian industry and is recognised worldwide.

Penfolds is able to source quality fruit from a diverse range of vineyard sites, including some of the best and oldest vineyards in South Australia.

This provides a tremendous resource which allows our Winemakers to achieve a remarkable consistency of style and quality across the entire portfolio.

Futhermore, the Penfolds Winemakers are custodians of a great tradition of innovation: pioneering the understanding of the chemistry of wine; developing and refining the concept of multi-regional blending; and producing an incredible list of Special Bins and experimental wines.
This tradition continues today with the development of new regions, the pioneering of new grape varieties and the refinement of both modern and classical winemaking techniques.

From the development of the iconic Penfolds Grange in the 1950s, the creation of the red wine portfolio in the 1960s through to today's Winemaking Trials, Penfolds distinct philosophy and integrity has resulted in international acclaim for both its winemakers and wines.

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