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Zilzie Sales Office Suite 403, 9-11 Claremont Street, South YarraVictoria Australia 3141
Phone: +61 (0) 3 9825 2800 Fax: +61 (0) 3 9825 2899
Zilzie Winery Lot 66 Kulkyne Way KaradocVictoria Australia 3496
Phone: +61 (0) 3 5025 8100 Fax: +61 (0) 3 5025 8116

Zilzie has developed its own style of operation, and this is reflected in its approach to wine making. Built in 1999, the Zilzie Winery continues to introduce new and innovative techniques from Australian and international wineries.

Zilzie’s wines are made from the finest parcels of fruit sourced from select vineyards in Victoria’s North West and are matured and blended in the unique Zilzie style.

This style is created through the marriage of traditional winemaking techniques and modern technology.

A measured barrel regime and skilled blending produces approachable, fresh fruit driven wines, which capture true varietal characters and deliver unparalleled consistency and quality.

Zilzie Estate
The premium Estate label is the flagship of Zilzie Wines’ range. These wines are testament to Zilzie’s commitment to producing high quality, value wine with an emphasis on fresh fruit flavours, character and style.

The Zilzie Estate wines are made with the finest parcels of fruit sourced from select vineyards in Victoria’s Murray Darling Region, and matured and blended in the unique Zilzie Style.
The Wines produced under the Estate label include

Zilzie Chardonnay Zilzie Merlot Zilzie Shiraz Zilzie Cabernet Sauvignon

Zilzie has developed a reputation for producing a wide range of premium quality alternative wine varieties. These wines create their own unique sub range under the Zilzie label, and are each individually crafted in the unique Zilzie Style.

Zilzie encourages wine drinkers to step outside the square and try something different. These wines are fabulous on their own, but also match a wide variety of local and international cuisines.
The wines produced under the Alternative label include Zilzie Pinot Grigio Zilzie Viognier Zilzie Rose Zilzie Sangiovese Zilzie Tempranillo Zilzie Petit Verdot

The BULOKE range was named after Victoria’s northern most stand of protected Buloke trees which overlook the Zilzie vineyards. Designed for everyday drinking and enjoyment, these wines represent incredible value for money, whilst still upholding the high standard they are renowned for.
The wines produced under Zilzie’s BULOKE label include

BULOKE Sauvignon
Blanc BULOKE Chardonnay BULOKE Merlot BULOKE Cabernet Merlot BULOKE Shiraz

Zilzie Forbes Family

The Forbes family has farmed Zilzie Estate since Donald and Ethel Forbes were granted a section of land just a stone’s throw from the banks of the mighty Murray River, in the early 1900s. As a tribute to their family, the Forbes have released this selection of quality wines.
The Forbes Family wines are perfectly suited to the on-premise trade, as they can be enjoyed with a multitude of food styles on a variety of occasions.

The wines produced under Zilzie’s Forbes Family label include Forbes Family Classic Dry White Forbes Family Sauvignon Blanc Forbes Family Chardonnay Forbes Family Merlot Forbes Family Cabernet Merlot Forbes Family Shiraz

Selection 23
Zilzie’s SELECTION 23 label was named after the section of land known as ‘Selection 23’, first granted to Donald and Ethel Forbes in the early 1900’s. And until now, Zilzie’s SELECTION 23 range has been strictly export only. But with the label’s growing popularity in the UK, USA and Asia, it was time for this under-the–radar winner to come home.

SELECTION 23 has the right combination of quality and value to appeal to knowledgeable customers who want a wine which offers excellent food pairing and a fresh new image.
The wines produced under Zilzie’s SELECTION 23 label include

SELECTION 23 sauvignon blanc
SELECTION 23 chardonnay
SELECTION 23 merlot
SELECTION 23 cabernet merlot
SELECTION 23 shiraz


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