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Woody Nook

Woody Nook
Woody Nook Irvine's Fine Wines, 81 Burgess Road,Forster, NSW 2428.
Contact: Steve IrvineTel: 02 4952 4695

Winemaker's Notes

Cabernet sauvignon 2004A total of 10.49 tonnes of fruit were hand-picked on the estate at a Baumé of 14.2° on the 27th and 31st, transported directly to the winery, crushed and placed in open fermenters. At this stage the grape acid was adjusted and inoculated with yeast. For the following six days the crushed grapes were hand plunged and temperature controlled. The "must" (skins and wine) was then pressed and pumped to stainless steel tanks to allow secondary or "malolactic" fermentation to take place. At the completion of this process, the wine was racked to French oak barriques for eighteen months of maturation. After minimum filtration, the Cabernet Sauvignon was bottled at the winery in February 2006. 634 cases were produced.

Shiraz 20036.27 tonnes of shiraz grapes were picked by hand at the Woody Nook vineyard at a Baumé of 14° in March 2003, the same day seeing them begin their illustrious journey, first into the open fermenters for several days of plunging, followed by several more in stainless steel tanks for malolactic fermentation. Shiraz is matured in American oak barrels at Woody Nook and remains in them for 18-24 months. 493 cases were bottled in February 2005.

Merlot 2004Our merlot grapes were picked on the 27th February, 2004 at a Baumé of 12.5° and as with our full-bodied reds, plunged three times a day for six days with their temperature controlled before being pressed and transferred to tanks for their second or "malolactic" fermentation. Woody Nook's Merlot is racked in 225 litre French oak barrels for two years. Our 2004 vintage was bottled in February 2006 after a brief filtration process. 198 cases were produced.

Killdog Creek Cabernet Merlot 2005

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes used in this blend were picked on the estate on March 17 and 23, 2005 at a Baumé of 13.2° and 14.25° respectively. They were both plunged in open fermenters for several days, followed by several more in stainless steel tanks for malolactic fermentation. French oak barriques were used for their maturation over a two year period and then, after blending 70%:30%, just 123 cases were bottled in February 2007.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
This magnificent, full bodied wine is complex with a nose which conveys an abundance of chocolate and blackcurrant with a hint of oriental spices. The palate is well-balanced with sweet fruit up front and soft mouth-filling tannins. Shiraz 2003 A firmly structured wine exhibiting a tinge of violets and spicy white pepper characteristics on the nose, which carry over to the palate, enhanced by fresh dark berry fruits and sweet vanillin oak. Enjoy now or be rewarded by cellaring for 6-8 years. Merlot 2004 This wine shows excellent colour and bouquet and has a depth of fruit with wood overtones. The palate has good structure and complexity, yet is still very soft with good acid balance. A very versatile wine. Killdog Creek Cabernet Merlot 2005 This 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot blend is packed with ripe, dark cherry fruit, exhibiting violets and toasty oak on the nose. It has an appealing savoury flair with liquorice and blackcurrant flavours on the palate. http://www.woodynook.com.au

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