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Zema Estate Murray valley Highway, Rutherglen, 3685, Victoria, Australia.P.O.Box 41 Rutherglen, 3685, Victoria, Australia.Tel: 02 6035 7242Fax: 02 6035 7298

Red wine making is a great love. I use some very basic traditional techniques. Open fermenters and gentle pressing are no different to 1870’s wine making. The wines are racked off lees several times and never filtered. Filtering destroys colour, flavour and structure. We just lightly fine the wines with egg whites to naturally clarify them. Then, after the wines are blended (always the most fun), I use the best bottling techniques available. When serving a Warrabilla wine, I recommend some ageing on our premium wines, but largely the Brimin Series is made for drinking now. To get the most out of an aged red, I recommend pulling the cork at least an hour or so beforehand and serving at 15–20 degrees celsius. (10 minutes in the vegetable crisper on a hot day is just perfect). Some decanting is also useful for older wines. wine2006 Reserve MarsannePale straw colour, the nose shows honeysuckle. Bone dry but full palate. Toasty oak from the new French and American barrels is in check, though the palate is very full and long. Great acidity means this Marsanne is made for long term cellaring. Cellar 5 years plus.
2007 Reserve ChardonnayOur style of Chardonnay is unashamedly big and oaky. Ripe fruit salad characters of peach, melons and pineapple are on the palate.

The nose shows the vanillan characters of the new American oak puncheons it was aged in. The mouthfeel and texture of this Chardonnay is long, luxurious and very well balanced. Cellar 3 - 5 years. 13% alcohol.

2006 Cabernet CleanskinThis is a soft, easy drinking style. Medium weight, this wine has bright cherry red colour and a nose of red berries and chocolate. The palate is firm and sweet, with obvious French oak and great acid balance. Soft and ready to drink now.

2006 Reserve Cabernet Sweet blackcurrant and tobacco leaf on the nose with huge colour, very firm tannins and huge mouth feel. The colour and palate are typical Warrabilla traits with intense black purple hues and long rich full balanced structure. The wine spent 10 months in new and seasoned American oak puncheons, giving some lovely complex vanilla and nutty tones. All from our own Rutherglen vineyard for perfume and Parola's vineyard for colour and body. 14.5% alcohol. Cellar 3 to 5 years.

2005 Parola's Limited Release Cabernet Cabernet just doesn't get much bigger! We just don't like thin, green, weedy Cabernet, so we set out to get it ripe. Big vine theory (wide spacing in the vineyard), low yields, great soils and a little bit of stress all make for deep black wines with great perfume, depth and tannin. All from our Rutherglen vineyard. Aged for 10 months in brand new French (70%) and American (30%) puncheons, this has all the blackcurrant fruit, chocolate and richness you could ask for. Cellar 5 years plus.

2006 Parola's Limited Release Cabernet Our Parola's label represents the best parcels of fruit in the best years, with the wines being thick, luxurious and showing great varietal characters. The ripe fruit characters of blackcurrant and pipe tobacco are balanced by long firm tannins and great oak structure. Aged for 10 months in brand new French and American puncheons. All from our own Rutherglen vineyard No wimpy green Cabernet here! 15% alcohol. Cellar 5 years plus.
2005 Reserve ShirazBig style Shiraz with loads of liquorice and chocolate. We put a lot of effort into our Shiraz and we really didn't shirk on the 2005. Made from low yielding Shiraz from both our Rutherglen and Parola's vineyards, this wine has all the colour, weight and tannin Warrabilla is known for. Aged in new American oak (20%) and one year old French/American puncheons for 10 months, the oak adds balance and weight to the fruit. Cellar 5 years plus.

2006 Reserve ShirazAmazing black colour, the nose shows the vanilla and spice from the 10 months in one year old American and French puncheons. This Shiraz from our Parola's vineyard shows the incredible perfume, black berry fruit characters and tannin structure you'd expect from low yielding vines on deep red loam soils. This is a typical Warrabilla Shiraz showing all the balance, structure and finesse possible with big rich ripe fruit. 16% alcohol. Cellar 5 years plus.
2004 Parola's Limited Release Shiraz Incredible black/purple colour. Wonderful nose of crushed violets, sweet fruit and superb American oak. Low yielding vines and aged in brand new puncheons - a benchmark North East Shiraz. Cellar 5 years plus.

2005 Parola's Limited Release Shiraz Our Parola's Shiraz represents our simple aim: To make the best red in North East Victoria. We consider our Parola's vineyard to be the best little vineyard around. Deep red loams, low yielding vines, and our unique viticultural practices of big vine theory and great exposure, give wines with huge colour, flavour and tannin. Aged for 10 months in brand new American puncheons, this Shiraz shows the great espresso coffee bean tones, raspberries, chocolate and liquorice associated with our best wines. Cellar 5 years plus.
2006 Parola's Limited Release Shiraz The Parola's label represents the best parcels of fruit in the best years, with the wines being thick, luxurious and showing great varietal characters. This wine shows incredible black colour, soft tannins, with a long palate of blackberries and liquorice. All from the deep red loans of our own Parola's vineyard, this massive wine was aged for 10 months in brand new American oak puncheons. A monster weighing in at 17% alcohol."
2001 Reserve Durif MagnumAward winning wine which has huge colour and tannin structure. Great depth of black cherries and balanced oak.

2004 Reserve DurifBlacker than the Ace of Spades, this has all the deep intense characters of black cherry, black plums with subtle French oak in the background. Unbelieveable wine. 16.5% alcohol. Cellar 5 years plus.

2005 Reserve DurifWarrabilla Durif is a style of it's own. This represents what we do very nicely. Big ripe fruit with black cherries, black chocolate and hints of French oak give this wine great depth. Unbelievable black colour, this Durif shows what properly ripened Durif is all about. Great fine tannins, mouth-filling viscosity and long lingering palate. Cellar 5 years plus.
2006 Reserve DurifHuge black colour and great long soft tannins. The palate is rich luxurious and very long with all the liquorice, black fruits and chocolate tones of our best Durif. The wine spent 10 months in new and seasoned American oak puncheons, giving the wine a complex nutty and vanilla nose. It has the acidity and structure to cellar for many years. 16% alcohol. Cellar 5 years plus.

2004 Parola's Limited Release DurifDurif doesn't get any better. This Durif has incredible viscosity and sheer power of ripe black fruit and weight. Liquorice, black cherries, clean vanillan oak and great chalky tannins. A massive 17.5% alcohol - this is the stuff of legends. Cellar forever. Only available in Magnums.

2006 Parola's Limited Release DurifWe've pushed all the buttons to get this massive wine of 18% alcohol. The black cheery fruit and chocolate characters are intense and exceptionally well balanced. The oak is fine and subtle from the 10 months in French oak hogsheads. Naturally fermented in open fermenters with absolutely no residual sugar.

Archers Old TawnyA fabulous wine for those cold Winter evenings. Aged up to 10 years in old brandy barrels which impart a wonderful warmth. Toffee and coffee bean characters are prominent and has good length on the palate with a slightly drier finish.

2003 Vintage Port100% Durif from our new Parola's vineyard.Unbelievable black colour with faintest hints of Purple.Black cherries, chocolate and licorice are there in abundance with huge dry tannins on the finish.A big one to cellar.

2004 Vintage PortRarely in a lifetime do you get to make wines like this. Massive black fruit characters and intense colour and tannin come from mega ripe Durif grapes. Cellar forever and then some.

2005 Vintage PortOur influences have been the nutty styles of Portugal and the deep black ethereal wines of Rutherglen. By using Durif to make a drier style, we combine the best of both. The great tannins and huge colour are balanced by the vibrant morello cherry fruit that Durif is legendary for. These classic wines benefit from cellaring for many years.

Reserve MuscatOur Muscat shows luscious rasined, spicy fruit with coffee bean and molassis. The colour is quite dark with a hint of barrel age characters showing. All this is the result of careful blending of young, fresh Muscat and aged material, with great depth and body. http://www.warrabillawines.com.au

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