Monday, June 16, 2008

Virgin Hills

Virgin Hills
Virgin Hills Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 1 800 777 444
Wine Planted by the original owner, Tom Lazar, in 1968. The vines are all dry grown. Winter rainfall fills the soil with water for the dry summer months.
Acreage Cabernet Sauvignon 18.5 acres Shiraz 6 acres Merlot 4 acres Malbec 2 acres Total 30.5 acres
Tonnage Virgin Hills has always had a low grape yield (0.5 to 1.5 tonnes per acre), this is largely due to the tough climactic conditions and the dry grown grapes.
Climate Summer (Temps) 5°C to 30°C Winter (Temps) -4°C to 12°C
Climatic Problems: By far the most challenging aspect of the high altitude vineyard is frost control. Frosts commonly appear in the vineyard in spring and even summer. For this reason Virgin Hills was planted with a Northerly aspect, on steep sloping hillside, providing maximum air drainage.
Seasonal CycleBudburst October Flowering December Fruitset End December Veraison February Harvest April/May Dormancy May/September

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