Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuck's Ridge

Tuck's Ridge
Tuck's Ridge PO Box 4 Red Hill SouthVictoria 3937 Australia
P: +61 3 5989 8660 F: +61 3 5989 8579

THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA'S FAVORITE WINERY That's right but then again what's not to love. Tuck's Ridge is child friendly, dog friendly it has a great view over vines, spectacular food and wines that will have you dreaming of a return.
People don't just visit Tuck's Ridge for the first time. Tuck's Ridge is a part of everybody's imagination because it is a vineyard the way we all wish vineyards to be. Rustic, peaceful, green and lush. A vineyard is a place that makes you feel relaxed no matter how bad a day, week or year you have endured.

At Tuck's Ridge you don't become a customer you join our family. But don't worry we are not a family that drops in unannounced for dinner. We are simply here in Red Hill South when ever you need us. When the worries of your day to day life become too much just hop in the car and drive to Tuck's Ridge. Grab a glass of wine and watch over the vines as the troubles of your world fly out into the ether.

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