Monday, June 16, 2008

Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate
Trentham Estate Sturt Highway, Trentham Cliffs NSW 2738
Post Office Box 242, Gol Gol NSW 2738
P: +61 3 5024 8888F: +61 3 5024 8800
The winemaking philosophy at Trentham Estate has always been to produce high-quality varietal wines at an affordable price, with an emphasis on full fruit flavour and palatability.
The grapes are picked and crushed at optimum ripeness to produce the perfect flavour, and our experienced winemakers use various winemaking styles to create the award-winning wines we are known for.
WineThe Trentham Estate range offers a diverse selection of styles which highlight the natural fruit flavours.
Classics Range
Sparkling Brut'Two Thirds' Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon BlancPinot NoirCabernet Sauvignon MerlotShiraz Cellar Reserve Shiraz
Estate Range
ViognierChardonnayNoble TamingaMerlotPetit Verdot

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